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Jersey Scotch eggs

Hello World!

This week I spent some time in the kitchen with Jenny, Jon’s wife, making scotch eggs. I loved the look of these round balls of meat surrounding an egg. The secret recipe is: 1 boiled egg rolled in seasoned flour and folded into 120g homemade burger and rolled again in seasoned flour and then rolled in egg yolk and breadcrumbs ready to deep fry. Voila! Ps, keep it a secret! My veggie brain was working on a veggie option. Hemp burger Scotch eggs anyone?

Then with Jon, In between deliveries and free coffees, we went to find out about a wild flower seed mix. Jon had seen a patch of wild flower growing at the St Saviour Parish hall. He noticed the normal flower pots with commercial flowers were empty of bees while the wild flowers were well visited. We found out from the local gardener what flower mix he used: Aurora. By next season a plot of Jons land will have Aurora flowers for the bees. This is caring for every living being, pigs and bees included.

I like Jon and his values but Im not going to eat the lovely scotch eggs Im afraid. At the end of the day “you are what you eat” and I do prefer to be a bottle of apple cider that a pig.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy free

Linnea Solh, Jersey 22nd July-18

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