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Sausage & Sun Salutations

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Hello World!

At the end of my shift today Jon cooked up some of his own sausages and offered me to taste, and guess what: I did!!!! A very small piece at a size of a sugar cube but for me it was huge! (a vegetarians perspective). I wanted to honour Jon and Jenny and their hard work and love that is a big part of the ingredients in these sausages.

After sampling his sausage I promised Jon to help out looking after his sore farmers back. Together we went through a round of Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutation, and at the end I left him in a variation of Sivasana, Dead Mans Pose. It’s a relaxation pose, not to worry. His spine was supported by a sausage roll, towel: the best medicine for a pig farmers bad back.

Jon has taught me a lot these few weeks. He also gave me tow simple advice someone else along his journey has told him that I would like to pass on.

1: Talk more! Never hold anything in.

2: Sleep well! At night when thoughts disturb you, ask yourself: Can I do anything about this now? –No! So put it in your 9 o’clock draw and sort it out the next morning. By the time your 10 o’clock draw is full you should be snoring, two simple advices from Jon, the pig farmer.

With this I would like to thank Jon and Jenny.

I bow to the divine in both of you.


Linnea Solh, Jersey 29th July-18

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